One-stop overall service system

Zhongrui Heavy Industry always adheres to the tenet of service-oriented, and pays the greatest attention and attention to any suggestions and evaluations of customers.
We know that good communication with customers can maximize customer satisfaction.


Service engineers with professional construction experience realize the strongest configuration of equipment and tools, which greatly improves construction efficiency


Diversified services of training, installation, maintenance, and construction make customers have a better experience


Standardized after-sales service management process, enthusiastic, fast and professional after-sales service, so that customers have no worries


We have a large number of construction cases for customers to enjoy, provide solutions for complex stratum, and enable customers to surpass development on our platform

Our promise

Always adhere to the service concept of "keep improving and make customers more satisfied"

Lifetime serviceProvide life-long services, including restructuring and product upgrade services;


Installation & trainingAfter the equipment arrives at the site, the after-sales engineer will guide the installation and commissioning. During the equipment commissioning stage, the on-site operators will be organized to conduct on-site training, including the principle, operation, daily maintenance, maintenance, repair and construction of the equipment;


Professional after-sales continuous trackingAfter the equipment is in normal operation, the designated after-sales engineer will continue to track the equipment operation, prevent and solve emergencies, make detailed records of equipment operation status, unit energy consumption, progress, daily maintenance, etc. and analyze the construction process, and predict the equipment status. If there is any abnormal situation, feedback and solve in time;


Efficient and fast maintenance serviceThe company has established offices in Guangzhou, Wuhan, Nanjing and other central cities to provide customers with efficient and fast maintenance services. After receiving your information about product quality (telephone, SMS, WeChat, email, fax, etc.), we will reply immediately. If it cannot be processed immediately, we will reply within half an hour. For door-to-door service, it takes 4 hours to arrive in the main urban areas of Ningbo, Wuhan, Guangzhou and Nanjing; within Zhejiang Province, it takes 6 hours to arrive; other major capital cities arrive in 24 hours; it takes 48 hours to arrive in other remote areas with inconvenient transportation;


Active serviceAfter-sales engineers pay regular return visits to customers to understand the equipment usage in a timely manner, provide solutions for special working conditions, improve the efficiency of equipment, and create value for customers.