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    Zhejiang Zhongrui Heavy Industry Technology Co., Ltd.

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    Zhejiang Zhongrui Heavy Industry Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional company engaged in construction machinery R&D, manufacturing, sales, leasing, maintenance, construction method to provide the overall solution as one of the joint-stock enterprises. The company was founded in 2007, registered capital of 28 million RMB, annual production value of more than 90 million RMB. Since its establishment, the company has been developing and expanding continuously, and its sales volume has maintained a steady growth in recent years. The company has more than 200 employees, more than 100 professional and technical personnel and 15 R&D personnel.

    The company has been committed to "pursuit excellence, forge ahead" spirit. We insists on "reducing the cost of customer use" as the business principle, through the close integration with the national "the belt and road Initiatives", marine equipment and environmental protection, development strategy. Company has won the first set of products in the key high-tech fields of the national high-tech enterprises, wins great honor of Ningbo science and technology enterprises and equipment manufacturing industry. In 2016, he was elected as the director unit of international large diameter engineering well (pile) Association; since 2017, he has edited the national construction machinery and equipment "building construction machinery and equipment" The industry standard of "reverse circulation engineering drilling rig" has been written and approved in 2019. In 2017, the academician workstation was established. In 2019, company had together with Ningbo University established the Ningbo University - Yitong Teji research institute. Company has exclusive R & D over 50 patents of invention and utility models, ensuring the advanced of industry and the excellent and stable performance of the products.

    The company has capability to independent R&D and manufacturing of diaphragm wall hydraulic grab, mud purification system and hydraulic drilling rigs can provide customers with comprehensive equipment support and overall construction method solutions. Now company have four series products, including ZJD series hydraulic drilling rigs, ZG series diaphragm wall hydraulic grab, ZR series mud purifier and ZRM series multi shaft pile machine, with a total of 12 models. The equipment is mainly used in large-scale bridges, ports and other infrastructure construction, marine wind power construction, sewage treatment wells, underground pipe gallery and other engineering fields in domestic and oversea market.

    Until now, our company ZJD series drilling rig products has exceeded 50% domestic market share Among them, ZJD2800 / 180C, ZJD 3500 / 250C, ZJD 4000 / 350C and ZJD 5000 / 450 hydraulic drilling rigs are the main types of large bridge pile foundation construction at domestic and oversea markets, for instance of  Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge, Hangzhou Bay Cross Sea Bridge, Sutong Bridge, Fujian Pingtan Strait highway and rail bridge, Haiwen bridge and Zhoushan Yushan big bridge Bridge, Zhoushan port main channel zhoudai bridge, Shenzhen (Shenzhen) middle (mountain) channel, Penang No.2 bridge in Malaysia, Maputo bridge in Mozambique, China-Malaysia friendship bridge in Maldives and dpama bridge in Bangladesh have been successfully applied in pile foundation engineering of famous bridges at home and abroad, which have been highly praised by the owners.

    The ZJD 5000 / 450 hydraulic drilling rig was developed and manufactured by the company has been successfully applied to the Pingtan Strait highway and rail dual-purpose bridge under construction in the world, which is the most difficult bridge under construction in the world, as well as the "four most bridges" (the highest peak ground motion acceleration in China, the first super large bridge crossing active fault in China, and the largest design basic wind speed in China) Haiwen bridge (the former Puqian bridge in Hainan Province), the first bridge project built in PMC mode, was awarded the honorary title of "the first set of products in the province" in the key field of equipment manufacturing industry in 2015.

    In 2016, the Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao bridge, which recognized as the world longest and complex also the highest construction standard sea-cross bridge never before. It is known as "new seven miracle of the world" by the British guardian newspaper. Nearly 30 sets of ZJD hydraulic drilling rigs including ZJD3500 / 250C and ZJD4000 / 350C have participated in the project.

    In June 2017, our ZJD2000/100 crawler drill rig exported to the sea-crossing bridge project in Plobalang mountain Indonesia, in late June of the this year same model rigs has send to the PADMA bridge in Bangladesh give all the ability contribute to the Belt and Road Initiatives " project.

    “The Belt and Road Initiatives” project has been launched in a new era. With the rapid development of the national key infrastructure and the "one belt and one road" project, the product is more urgent and professional, and the environmental protection requirements are more stringent. Therefore, Zhongrui heavy industry is taking the initiative in the changing situation, and takes the initiative to invest in the construction field of underground diaphragm wall. After three years of technical development and preparation, in May 2019, ZG70 hydraulic grab, the first equipment of Zhongrui Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., which entered the field of diaphragm wall, was officially offline, and was inspected in Ningbo Metro Line 3 project and Wuhan Hanzheng Street project, contributing to the development of diaphragm wall. At present, the equipment is applying for "the first set of products in Zhejiang Province".

    Over the years, the company has made intensive efforts in the field of pile construction machinery in the niche market of construction machinery. Guided by market demand, the company has carried out industry university research cooperation with Academician workstations and universities. In combination with major engineering construction and key equipment development, the company has strengthened integrated innovation and re innovation after introduction, digestion and absorption, and has made great efforts to tackle the problems of fast rock entry, ultra deep hole, complex working conditions and complex strata The key technical difficulties of the domain have greatly enhanced the industrial competitiveness and high-tech innovation strength of enterprises.

    The company has also been focusing on social welfare undertakings as an important part of corporate culture. While creating corporate value, the company has actively engaged in social public welfare undertakings. It has organized many social public welfare activities, such as unpaid blood donation, love donation from needy workers, warmth from ChunXiao old canteen, love donation from poor mountainous areas, and donation of "ChunRun" Scholarship (Education) fund in ChunXiao street With our pure heart we will give the best of the best to society, take from it and give back to it.

    The Company is equipped with a complete set of infrastructure for production, office, lodging, entertainment, with the improving of the enterprise scale and the industry reputation, Zhongrui will continue to lead the market actively and improve ability of organization, meet the demand of customer personality, at the same time build the platform for employees to achieve ideal and self-worth to attract Foreign wisdom, promote innovation, create diversified growth and development space for employees, Strive to build Zhongrui heavy industry into a domestic leading and international first-class intelligent enterprise!

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