Fully hydraulic walking multi-spindle drilling rig is a mechanical, electrical and hydraulic integrated construction equipment developed to meet the needs of domestic SMW construction method. It is a drilling rig product developed by adopting international advanced technology (SMW construction method) and combining China's national conditions. The equipment can be matched with various specifications of SMW multi-axis drilling tools to realize the construction of deep foundation pits of high-rise buildings, subway stations, anti-seepage, underground retaining walls, waterproof retaining walls, and buried pipeline protection walls. It is also suitable for water conservancy The construction of the anti-seepage wall and soft soil foundation reinforcement of the project is the preferred equipment for the construction of underground pile foundations such as bridges, wharves, and underground continuous walls.

The electrical control of the ZRM220/85-3 full hydraulic walking multi-axis drilling rig adopts a variety of advanced technologies. The power of the drilling rig is driven by electric power. The main and auxiliary winches are driven by hydraulic pressure. It is equipped with a separately controlled air machine. The main motor of the power head adopts a frequency converter. Start/stop/run control, the main oil pump motor adopts online soft starter start/stop/run control; each parameter control of the pile driver adopts programmable logic controller (PLC), and the operation adopts a combination of buttons and switches and touch screen. The safety warning light for drilling rig movement will give out audible and visual alarms when the rig moves piles to warn the surrounding personnel to pay attention to the displacement of the rig; install intelligent lighting control system and air-conditioning to ensure good sight of the rig during night construction and comfortable work in hot weather.

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