After the Spring Festival, the first complete equipment of Zhongrui heavy industry was successfully sent to Huzhou, Zhejiang Province to help local bridge construction!


On March 6, 2020, the ZJD2000/100 crawler reverse circulation rock drilling rig ordered by an Anhui customer was successfully loaded and shipped to the construction site of the Huzhou Bridge Project in Zhejiang Province. This is the second time the customer has ordered this series of drilling rigs. It is understood that this drilling rig will be used in a local bridge construction project. The pile diameter is 1.5 meters and the pile length is about 85 meters. There are a total of about 300 piles, some of which are embedded in the rock.


The ZJD series crawler reverse circulation full hydraulic drilling rig has won the favor of many customers due to its high construction efficiency, good site mobility, safe and simple operation and maintenance, and high comprehensive cost performance. The order was only used from the negotiation of the contract to the delivery. 3 three days. The maximum drilling diameter of this series of drilling rigs is 4m, and the deepest depth is 150m. It can be used in rock formations with a hardness of less than 100mPa. It is mainly used for the construction of pile foundations with medium and large diameters, large depths and complex formations. It is especially suitable for sand, pebbles and rock formations. construction.