Spring demeanor saves people, strong soldiers and horses, Zhongrui Heavy Branch resumes work steadily and orderly


We are united to fight the epidemic and work together to stabilize work.

At 8:18 on the morning of February 18, 2020, the salutes of the Zhongrui Heavy Industry Plant area were fired, resounding through the spring dawn. Under the premise of ensuring the life safety and personal health of employees, Zhongrui Heavy Industry has resumed work in batches orderly and steadily, and the 2020 battle curtain has officially begun!news1_1.jpgAfter the outbreak of the new crown virus pneumonia in January, Zhongrui Heavy Industry immediately activated the company's emergency response mechanism and established the company's epidemic prevention and control leadership team headed by the general manager Zhang Liangfu. Strictly follow the relevant government requirements to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control, maintain close contact with safety supervision, community, health, and economic and information departments in a timely manner, formulate scientific and rigorous plans for resumption of work in batches, and obtain approval for resumption of work in advance.

Prior to the start of construction, a designated person is responsible for the disinfection and epidemic prevention work, regular and strict disinfection of office areas, production workshops, dormitories, canteens and other public areas; at the same time, special "designated isolation areas" are set up in the dormitories to provide comfort and cleanliness for newly returned employees An apartment-style rest place; requires returning employees to perform scan code registration, temperature detection and disinfection twice a day, and distribute protective materials such as masks to ensure that there are no dead ends in the prevention and control of the enterprise; one table for one person in the cafeteria, eats in time and in batches ; Keep a safe distance between the workshops and disperse work; a manual "Zhongrui Heavy Industry New Coronavirus Protection Manual" covers all aspects of the protection work... How small the virus is, our epidemic prevention work can be as much meticulous. Strict prevention and control measures have built a psychological and physical "anti-epidemic wall" for the employees returning to the factory, and also provided a strong guarantee for the company to quickly restore production capacity and enter the normal management rhythm.news1_1_1.jpgIt is early spring. Although the epidemic has not yet completely disappeared, Zhongrui Heavy Industry has united and worked hard to move forward with determination, and hope that the spring will bloom, the mountains and rivers will be unharmed, and the war will be won in 2020!