ZR 500 type

Technical parameter

Maximum mud processing capacity /m/h500
Desanding separation particle size /mmCoarse score: 1.5; Subdivision: 0.5
Slag screening capacity /t/h160
Maximum water content of slag /%<30
Maximum specific gravity of sludge /g/cm?<1.2
Maximum specific gravity that can handle sludge /g/cm?<1.4
Total installed power /kW198.2(55*2+75+3*2*2.2)
Total weight /KG32000
Equipment dimensions /m14.5*3.45*5.9
Vibration motor power /kW19.8(3*2+2.2)
Vibration motor centrifugal force /N50000*6
Mortar pump input power /kW110(2*55)
Mortar pump displacement /m?/h500(2*250)
Cyclone separator (diameter) /mm600
Main components/setThis series includes 1 coarse filter, 2 fine filters, 3 independent mud pools and detachable handrail platform escalator
The maximum specific gravity of the sludge: the maximum specific gravity of the sludge when the maximum purification and sand removal efficiency is reached, the viscosity of the Markov funnel is below 40s (the viscosity of the Sauce funnel is below 30s), and the solid content is <30%
Description: Used to separate the mud, sand and gravel discharged by the drilling rig, part of the mud can be pumped back to the bottom of the hole for reuse