You think and I do it, use your mind and hands to add a new dimension to the piling equipment industry-Shanghai Guanglian's 2 customized ZJD1800/50 dewatering drilling rigs passed the factory adjustme


On December 26, 2019, the head of Shanghai Guanglian Ding and his party went to Zhongrui Heavy Industry to carry out factory adjustment and test acceptance of the professionally customized ZJD1800/50 precipitation drilling rig. General manager Zhang Liangfu, deputy general manager Zhao Meixiang and relevant department heads actively cooperated with customers In the acceptance work, the ZJD1800/50 precipitation drilling rig was started for trial drilling and water cycle test on site, and the equipment operation and various parameters were tested one by one. After inspection, the performance indicators of the ZJD1800/50 precipitation drilling rig equipment meet the performance requirements and industry standards of the technical agreement signed by the two parties. After the acceptance, the equipment will also be sent to the project site in the near future.

Since 2018, Shanghai Guanglian and Zhongrui Heavy Industries became associated with large-caliber full-hydraulic drilling rigs, and the two parties have maintained a friendly cooperative relationship. Zhongrui Heavy Industry always adheres to the principle of "customer first", and strengthens mutual cooperation and win-win situation with "customized" products and high-quality services.